“This is the most complete bodywork I’ve had. I have less pain and am more relaxed. I would like to shout about SOMA from the rooftops”.

~ P.R., 78, retired

“I suffered from fibromyalgia and stress-induced wrist, neck and back pain as well as daily headaches. After one session, I felt the pain subsiding. The relaxation techniques and mental healing changed my entire outlook and substantially reduced my stress”.

~ D.F., 40, Boeing Engineer

“My body responded almost immediately. I feel lighter and taller.”

~ T.C., 30, Chiropractor

“I tried other therapies after my head injury, both conventional and alternative. Not until SOMA did I have lasting physical and emotional changes. I have better balance and a more positive outlook”.

~ P.V., 45, Nurse

“Before SOMA, I was discouraged with my recovery from a stroke. A co-worker told me about SOMA and her sessions with Louisa. I saw the pain she had been in and her dramatic recovery. My own sessions have given me energy, improved posture and a new sense of well-being. It has been a restoration for me.”

~ S.C., 39 Boeing Engineer

“When I started with Louisa, I was in chronic discomfort and wanted to try a new technique. I am so glad I did! Louisa began a process which allowed me to begin using my muscles in a way to reduce my pain. I highly recommend SOMA to anyone having pain and difficulty with movement.”

~ J.G., 68, Educator