Louisa Murray grew up in northern New Jersey and upstate New York. She was very active in outdoor sports including skiing, waterskiing, tennis and sailing. Being physical and athletic was something Louisa enjoyed and realizes now, she took for granted.profile picture

          While at the University of Vermont, Louisa   sustained a head injury and endured many years of physical therapy to regain most of her mobility and fine motor skills. This was a life-changing experience that ultimately led her to choosing bodywork as a profession. Although, while recovering at UVM, she returned to her studies and completed a BA in French and Sociology.

          After graduation, she moved to Seattle and eventually found Soma Neuromuscular Integration in a personal and professional capacity. Going through the Soma process brought Louisa to a completely new level of healing that she hadn’t even imagined.The transformation was so profound forLouisa, that she knew after only one session that she wanted to enroll as a student at the Soma Institute and make this her career and life’s purpose. She applied to the school while she was going through the Soma series. Within a year, she was enrolled as a student and well on her way to becoming a Certified Soma Neuromuscular Therapist.

          Louisa graduated from the institute in 1995 and ran a private practice in Seattle for 10 years. After moving to NH in 2004, Louisa ran a private practice in Langdon NH, for several years and enjoyed the smaller community and being close to her children’s schools. In 2013, she was invited to join the Wholistic Wellness Center in Springfield VT once a week, where she is part of an alternative therapy team which includes physical therapy, acupuncture and mental health therapy. More recently, Louisa has moved her Langdon practice to Keene and is excited to be a part of the larger Keene community.